Lake County Housing Analysis

In order for Lake County to attract and retain residents and businesses, it must have a diverse housing stock that provides options for households at different life stages, ages, incomes, and sizes. It needs a greater diversity beyond owner-occupied single-family detached homes. The lack of housing will limit the county’s ability to attract and retain workers, particularly with an aging population, and projected decline in the working age population. In recognition of the important role of housing in community building and economic development, Lake County Partners, with support from Lake County Housing & Community Development and Illinois REALTORS®, is pleased to announce the completion of a Housing Analysis report. LCP worked with Kretchmer & Associates to conduct a study looking at the demographics of the county (population, household profiles, income, etc.) and our housing stock (number, type, location, etc.) to identify gaps. The analysis is a look at the quantitative and qualitative data on the existing housing landscape and the barriers that exist to meeting our housing needs. The report includes several significant findings.

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