What You Need to Power Ahead.

Lake County is set up to meet the needs of local and global businesses, offering everything that a company needs to get to work fast.

Cost-Effective Electricity

ComEd has ushered in three rate decreases in a row that have put ComEd’s combined rate for energy distribution below the national average and 20% below the average rate for utilities in the top metropolitan areas.

Diversified Telecom

A wide-range of telecommunications providers, including Comcast and AT&T, ensures reliable access to data, voice, internet cable and satellite services.

Dependable Natural Gas

Nicor Gas and Peoples Gas are among the largest gas distribution companies in the nation and can be counted on to provide safe services that meet local business needs.

Clean Water

With its optimal location directly on Lake Michigan, Lake County benefits from the third largest Lake Michigan water treatment system in Illinois.

Shovel-Ready Sites

Lake County is home to flexible and rapidly growing developments including Bridge Point North in Waukegan, Cornerstone in Grayslake and the Antioch Business Park.

Operational Reliability

Lake County’s seasonal climate and Midwestern location exempt it from many natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts and forest fires.

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