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Why Locate in Lake County?

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Center of Everything

Positioned between the Midwestern powerhouse hubs of Chicago and Milwaukee, along the Interstate 94 corridor, providing access to a large swath of North American industry within a one-day drive.

Best of Both

Lake County boasts all of the business, infrastructure and cultural benefits of a world-class metropolitan area, but at a fraction of the cost compared to coastal metros and even downtown Chicago.

Global Access

You can fly directly from here to just about anywhere in the world via our three nearby international airports, which provide hundreds of flights to cities around the world. Private aircrafts have access to full-service amenities offered at Waukegan National Airport.

Commuter Connectivity

Multimodal connectivity across Interstate 94, our robust local roadways, highly-effective commuter rail, and bus services make Lake County locations easily accessible for workers throughout the region.

First-Rate Utilities

Reliable, modern utilities ensure that business needs are exceeded when it comes to water, electricity, telecommunications, sewer and gas.

Workforce Depth

With more than 5.6 million people within a commute radius from Lake County, you have access to the deepest talent pool in the Midwest. Chicagoland is also the biggest destination for newly minted Big 10 grads, and attracts talent from around the world.

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