Lake County’s continued prosperity and future success is directly linked to the people and skills that are available to local companies, which is why we work closely with local partners under the umbrella of the Workforce Ecosystem to make talent access a competitive advantage in Lake County.

Top Talent from Every Angle.

Exceptional Education

Nearly 46% of residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, which is 13% more than the national average.

In-Demand Skills

Each year, students complete award-winning career programs, graduating with in-demand skills like robotics and automation.

Ongoing Development

Opportunities are available for employees to continue their training and certifications through countless local professional development programs.

Easy Access

A tight-knit system of commuter transportation options makes it easy for businesses to draw talent from across the region and tap into Chicago’s workforce.

Top-Ranking Schools

Local private, special education and charter schools consistently rank among the top in the nation, with nearly 60% of local high school students attending a nationally-recognized school.

Talent Pipeline

The Workforce Ecosystem plugs businesses into the resources offered at educational institutions like the College of Lake County, where 40% of the majors offered directly correlate with Lake County’s most in-demand jobs.

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