Belle Aire Creations Quadruples the Company’s Manufacturing Footprint in Lake County

Advanced manufacturer Belle Aire Creations is celebrating the latest expansion of the company’s Illinois operations with its new, sustainable Round Lake Park facility at 30 Porter Drive. The company recently completed its move, following a five-month renovation of an existing facility; the project resulted in a state-of-the-art 33,000 square foot manufacturing plant and an adjacent 7,000 square foot office space that will bring together team members within the departments of Finance, Human Resources, Customer Service, Purchasing and Sourcing, Quality Control and Logistics. The new manufacturing facility is only a short distance from Belle Aire Creation’s main campus and corporate headquarters, located respectively at 1600 Baskin Road and 1505 Reidel Road in Mundelein, Illinois. Belle Aire Creations’ celebration of its new Round Lake Park facility comes alongside the company’s announcement of its plans to further expand in Libertyville in early 2022.

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