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Access to Markets

Lake County, Illinois is part of the Greater Chicago Metro Area, one of the largest trading areas in the world – the east-west nexus joining the markets of Europe and Asia and the north-south nexus of NAFTA.

Lake County is a premier Chicago area business location, with over 50% of North American industry within one day's truck delivery, and 75% of North America's consumers located less than 2 days away. Local businesses and communities benefit from almost 150 intermodal facilities across the region – a region that is the only U.S. gateway where all six Class-One railroads interchange traffic.

Lake County is conveniently located halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, on the Interstate 94 corridor. I-94 runs the length of Lake County, connecting people and businesses quickly to no less than nine other interstates in the Chicago area.

Lake County is 18 miles from Chicago’s O’Hare International airport, one of the best connected airports in the world, which provides access to all major North American business destinations in four hours or less and over 60 international destinations.

Lake County’s Waukegan Regional Airport is home to over 50 corporate jets, allowing executives a convenient departure point for regional, national and intercontinental flights. U.S. Customs Clearance is available.

Lake County is also home to four Metra commuter rail lines with 32 train stations located in 20 Lake County communities and corporate facility clusters.  Because Metra is constantly upgrading and improving its service in Lake County, it offers a speedy, comfortable way to reach work and recreational destinations.

Lake County's location also provides convenient access to the Port of Chicago, a traditional Midwest powerhouse of production that connects to the global marketplace and has a total value of $92.8 billion. The proximity of factories, warehouses, and rail lines in Lake County to its major port facilities puts Lake County businesses at a strategic crossroads for goods distribution.



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