Lake County Partners is a private, not-for-profit organization supported by investors from the private and public sectors. We help businesses transform opportunities into success through a wide range of economic development services.

Site & Building Search

Lake County Partners helps businesses find the right location. We have comprehensive lists of Lake County's available sites and buildings and a strong working relationship with the real estate community and municipalities throughout Lake County.

Business Visits

Lake County Partners seeks out face-to-face visits with top executives of local businesses, to examine issues such as expansion plans, competitive challenges, workforce and training issues, and overall satisfaction with Lake County as a place to do business.

Information Clearinghouse

Lake County Partners recognizes that accessing accurate statistical demographic and quality of life data is critical to companies making investment decisions. We provide current, reliable statistical information that assists companies through crucial business decisions.

Financing & Incentives

Lake County Partners administers the processing of Industrial Revenue Bonds. In addition, staff helps companies identify incentives and credits for which they may be eligible. We work in partnership with commercial lenders, state agencies and local economic development organizations to assist businesses with accessing a wide array of financing options for all types of business needs.

Development & Infrastructure Assistance

Through our municipal and county contacts, we help companies work through permitting, zoning and licensing issues expeditiously. Lake County Partners assists businesses by outlining the necessary steps in the building development process and convening the appropriate parties to ensure effective project outcomes.


We partner with colleges, county agencies and private sector providers to connect businesses with a variety of workforce development resources, including training, curriculum development, training incentives and potential funding sources, and recruitment.

Educational Programs & Networking Opportunities

Lake County Partners provides a variety of opportunities and forums where civic, government and business leaders are able to share information and experience and work collaboratively to strengthen the business climate in Lake County.

Business Advocacy

Lake County Partners addresses and works to solve the issues most important to Lake County’s businesses and communities, including transportation, infrastructure, labor, access to capital and business and government partnerships. Our affiliate corporation, the Lake County Transportation Alliance, advocates for transportation funding and other legislative issues in conjunction with its strategic partners at the local, state and national level.


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