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“If you took Illinois manufacturing and made it its own country, it would be the 63rd-largest country in the world.”


Illinois has set a new tourism record for the 8th year in a row, and Lake County continues to be one of the top destinations in the state. In 2018, visitor spending brought in $1.43 billion and generated over $123 million in state and local tax revenue. It also supported over 11,000 jobs with a payroll of at least $300 million—a number that has grown 16% since 2013. Visitors flock to many destinations across the county including Six Flags Great America, which just had one of the largest attendance records among theme parks in North America. 


We don’t blame Bay Area techies for wanting to move to the Chicago region. To say that we have a lot to offer is an understatement.


The Chicago market is certainly deserving of its ranking among the top tech locations in the country. Lake County continues to see huge growth in this industry. 


Lake County’s strong housing market and well-regarded schools have once again made it one of the top places in the country for investment.


We’re delighted to share this new mapping resource for those wanting to look at real estate through the lens of demographics and industry. 


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