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Business Outreach Program

Help Us to Address the Skills Gap

Lake County Partners and the Workforce Investment Board of Lake County (WIB) have partnered to reach out to Lake County businesses to ensure that we understand strategic workforce and capital needs and offer local training programs to meet these demands. The goal of this program is to address the skills gap in Lake County’s key industry sectors of manufacturing, healthcare and information technology. Though the primary focus is on long-term industry planning as it relates to talent attraction and job retention/growth, this initiative also has the added benefits of::

Ideally, our outreach efforts target companies in the key target industries of manufacturing, healthcare and information technology that have between 15 and 350 employees. Lake County Partners staff is available to confidentially meet with management representatives of your company at their convenience to receive feedback on industry issues and trends. We then work with the Lake County Workforce Development Department to ensure that future services and programs align with identified needs.

If you would like to schedule a visit with Lake County Partners to share your company's perspective, please fill out the following form or contact us at 847-597-1220.


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